How we got here...

My passion for food came at an early age; in fact, the moment I turned on my Easy-Bake oven I was hooked. Growing up, you could often find me in the kitchen trying to recreate dishes from restaurants or experimenting with a new ingredient found on a trip to the grocery store with my father. When I was sixteen, I got my first job in the food industry working for a local artisan bakery. During this time, I refined my skills and considered working with food might be something I wanted to pursue in my future.

Staying local to the Philadelphia area I grew up in, I entered Drexel University as an engineering student, still largely unsure of what I wanted to do. Quickly, I switched to the chemistry department before realizing I could combine my love of food with science. Switching majors once again, I ended up in the Culinary Science program where I was able to learn from some of the top chefs and industry professionals in the country. Both during and after college, I spent time working in restaurants and corporate food manufacturing leading me to become increasingly disillusioned with the food industry. I recognized my calling was to develop my own healthier alternatives based around wholesome ingredients and innovative flavors.

As a life-long flexitarian, the final catalyst for my switch to veganism came in 2019 when I traveled to India to study Ayurveda. This ancient holistic approach to health emphasizes a balanced and nourishing whole food diet. Here the vision for our hemp-based cheese alternatives was planted.

We're on a mission to reimagine dairy products, creating better alternatives one seed at a time. Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, dairy-free, or just looking for something new, we are excited to help you on your journey to healthier eating!

Meghan Barbera, founder

My Favorite Products

I can't get enough of the Pasta bundle!